Current portions with confirmed reserves of 5 million tons of B-grade  and Lower grade coal is +/- 100 hectares of land.


Product & Services

Crushing plant that can produce up to 100 000 mt per month

Laboratory services for quality control

Product characteristics include:

Average CV of  23.6 mj/kg

Average ash content of 17%

Volatility  23.6%

Inherent moisture 4%

Sulphur content 0.8%

Phosphorus content 0.008%

We constantly strive to provide the highest-quality of coal as we exist to attract and maintain clients. Our products and services continues to exceed the expectations of our clients and the South African industry at large. We have two competitive edges that helps us maintain strong growth rates, increasing market penetration. The first edge is of-course quality. As a mine we pride ourselves on the high quality of B grade and lower grades of coal we offer. Our second competitive edge is clearly capacity. Our crushing plant is effortlessly able to produce at most 100 000 mt per month making it ideal for most of our clients.